AudriAnn | Boutique Manager

I graduated from Mount Mary University in 2014 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design. While in college, I started my bridal styling journey and worked at a Milwaukee bridal salon for 4 years. After graduating, I then went on to manage stores all around the state for a large fashion footwear company for 5 years.
With my degree and background in textiles, my favorite thing about working at White Dress is helping brides on their journey to finding their perfect fit. If that means finding the perfect silhouette and material or the gown that fits their personality!

Coffee? Yuck! Green Kool-Aid is my favorite beverage!

Outside of the boutique, you can find me spending time on the lake with my family or shopping my heart out!

Alana | Assistant Boutique Manager

I graduated from New Mexico State University with a degree in Film. Shortly after, I became a certified wedding and event planner and decided to transition into the bridal world. My favorite part of working in bridal is helping brides feel confident and loved! I hope to one day finally curate the capsule wardrobe of my dreams, as well as see Taylor Swift in concert.
My go-to coffee order is an Iced Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken Expresso. 
Outside of the Boutique, you an catch me shopping with my husband, or going to the dog park with my pups! 

Haley | Stylist

After earning my degree in marketing from Concordia University—Wisconsin, I ventured into the realm of luxury custom clothing on a global scale. Within the wedding industry, I've honed my skills in event planning, bespoke suits, and currently, wedding gowns. I find great joy in guiding you to create a look that exudes confidence on your special day!


As for energizing my day, nothing beats a vanilla latte in the largest size available!


Beyond the boutique, you'll catch me indulging in reality TV marathons, attending Brewers games, or cherishing moments with my family!

Noel | Stylist

My passion for bridal began in 2019 when I started as a bridal stylist. I love working in bridal because it pairs with my love for fashion and connecting with others. I truly feel so lucky that I can be a small part of a bride's special day! I know how important this experience is as I am a White Dress Bride myself!
My favorite thing about working at White Dress Bridal Boutique is the amazing experience we offer brides and the fun atmosphere! I love that we are a close-knit team that genuinely wants the best for our brides. 
My go-to coffee order is a Caramel Cappuccino! 
When I'm not helping brides, you can find me at the coffee shop, out for a walk, or planning a fun trip.